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Forced Procreation

In this week’s Boston Sunday Globe Ideas section (March 26, 2006), Drake Bennett’s Article “A Man’s Right to Choose” exposes an interesting underside to the “Pro choice/Pro life” debate. In a 2000 case called AZ v. BZ, the Massachusetts Supreme … Continue reading

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Moms Groups

I made a lot of friends by joining a local “Moms Group,” but I don’t actually spend much time attending play groups. But if I wanted to, I could attend a play group every day of the week! I wonder … Continue reading

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Sometimes the best places are not on the Web

This morning in Delray, Florida, my husband, daughter and I sought out a place for Sunday Brunch. (We’re here visiting my husband Adam’s grandmother.) Not knowing the area, we decided to search the Internet for recommendations. Since we are vegetarian, … Continue reading

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I discovered my first audioblog. What a great idea! It’s like a radio show without the radio station. I enjoyed the blog so much I’ve linked to it: See “The book of Life” in my blogroll.

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The Nuclear Family

The “nuclear” family is an apt title for a “small unmanagable group of people ready to explode with the slightest trigger.” I always thought I would avoid raising a family in this enviroment. My husband and I both spent many … Continue reading

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Hello World!

Now that my husband and MY BABY! each have their own blog, I’ve decided it’s time for me to have one, too. I’ve linked to my husband’s blog. And if you’re family or close friends with us, you know our … Continue reading

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