One’s Life on a Bookshelf

Today, while cleaning out my bookshelves, I had an interesting revelation. In my preteens, I preferred fantasy; in my twenties, theory;  in my thirties, practice. Now, approaching my forties, with very little time to read, I spend most of my time in a reality outside of books. It reminds me of the Hindu stages of life:  Brahmachari (student – ages 12-24), Grihasta (Householder – ages 24-48) Vanaprasta (semi-retirement – 48-72), and Sannyasi (full-retirement -beyond 72) .

However, as one who started having kids in my 30s, I won’t be in semi-retirement from the parenting life until my 60s! Makes me wonder whether I should have started earlier. But then again, I would have missed all that wonderful time reading political theory! Aahh, those were the days….

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