A Mother’s Daylight Savings Lament

In ancient days
before light could be turned on
with a switch
chores were done by lanterns
two hours before breakfast
for all the important work
of the day required
the light of the sun

A race against
the golden chariot
until long shadows lit our way home
to a simple supper by candlelight
with stories and songs
around the fire
until the wicks
burned down to darkness

But not today
when alarms chime
with the sun already high
we block our eyes from blindness
on our way to buildings
lit artificially
lacking windows from which to see
the fire that ticks away the day

For we have no need of her
our watches provide us all
until such time that work stops
and if we are lucky
the last of nature’s glow guides us to our vehicle
in which we travel though lighted darkness
to music lessons, grocery shopping, soccer games
lit by strobes so bright they block the moon and stars

Then finally home to abandoned darkened shells
we flip the switch and make our way
to metal boxes
bright lit and cold
in which we hope for a miracle
that there will be something good for dinner

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