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Rant on Shame

I turned 47 today. I woke up thinking about the pros and cons of my full-time job – Mom – when instead, what ran through my head, where all things I’m embarrassed about. Here’s the list, as stupid and meaningless … Continue reading

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One’s Life on a Bookshelf

Today, while cleaning out my bookshelves, I had an interesting revelation. In my preteens, I preferred fantasy; in my twenties, theory;  in my thirties, practice. Now, approaching my forties, with very little time to read, I spend most of my … Continue reading

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Ancient gender struggle plays out in modern Nomadic tribe

This morning, on the NPR Morning Edition’s short series “Climate Connections,” there was an article about the Tureng people of Mali. This nomadic people have been forced to move into cities and grow crops, rather than raise goats, because of … Continue reading

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I miss the old paper yogurt cups!

One of my fondest memories of elementary school was sitting at those small tables at lunchtime and opening up my lunch box to find a cup of boysenberry yogurt (Does anyone make this any more?). I would take the cup, … Continue reading

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Deer in Roslindale

This morning I looked out my window to see these two beauties! How they managed to get to my yard, I don’t know. Our house borders the train tracks and then the Arboretum, but there’s a tall fence between the … Continue reading

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Haikus for a Greener World

The awesome Better World Travel Club (a green alternative to AAA) inspired these great green Haikus. Here one I like: Leftover meatloaf keeps cool and safe in my fridge, but it heats the world*. [*NOTE: The refrigerator heats the world, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Naps

I’ve always been a fan of naps. I love hammocks, beach towels, and porch swings. I love couches in libraries and college student unions. Growing up, I especially loved to nap on long car rides, listening to my parents in … Continue reading

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Women and Food

I’m continually surprised by the strong connection I feel to women — both my ancestors as well as most women in the world today — whenever I’m in the midst of cooking, really cooking. On most nights I throw together … Continue reading

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Village Market — Not For Jews

A number of months ago, I emailed Village Market in Roslindale asking if they would carry Cheryl Ann’s Challah on Fridays. I never got a response. This past Friday I went there hoping for some matzah meal to make Matzah … Continue reading

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Falling short of goals

Before I comment, I want to point out that I’m one of the very lucky at-home parents with a daughter who takes three-hour naps every day, like clockwork. However, within that three hour period I try to do the following: … Continue reading

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