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Ancient gender struggle plays out in modern Nomadic tribe

This morning, on the NPR Morning Edition’s short series “Climate Connections,” there was an article about the Tureng people of Mali. This nomadic people have been forced to move into cities and grow crops, rather than raise goats, because of … Continue reading

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Women and Food

I’m continually surprised by the strong connection I feel to women — both my ancestors as well as most women in the world today — whenever I’m in the midst of cooking, really cooking. On most nights I throw together … Continue reading

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Domestic Goddess, I am not!

Somehow my mother was able to raise four children, cook home cooked meals every night, fresh cookies when we came home from school, sew our clothes, make dolls to sell, and cook ten types of Christmas cookies, plus cakes, pies, … Continue reading

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Sexism in the building trades

Since buying our house in 2004, I’ve interviewed dozens of contractors for many of the numerous projects our poorly neglected 1865 house needs. I’m continually disappointed with those few (thankfully, few!) contractors who insist on meeting with both me and … Continue reading

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Forced Procreation

In this week’s Boston Sunday Globe Ideas section (March 26, 2006), Drake Bennett’s Article “A Man’s Right to Choose” exposes an interesting underside to the “Pro choice/Pro life” debate. In a 2000 case called AZ v. BZ, the Massachusetts Supreme … Continue reading

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